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973 Delivery, which is located in Livingston, New Jersey, was created with the intent of bringing integrity back to the restaurant food delivery service industry. Even though our name is new, we have been in the restaurant food delivery service since 1996. We are thankful to have been trained & taught by two (2) of the industry’s best owners (Keith & Andrew). Now it’s our turn to make sure you, the customer, feel satisfied throughout the delivery process from start to finish.

When ordering, you will always speak with one of our live experienced customer service representatives and be delivered by our local drivers that each know the areas we deliver to very well. That’s what makes our company far superior than the rest. So why make an order with a delivery service from the (908), when you have the best local delivery service right here in the (973).

Also, feel free to contact any restaurants we work with to inquire about our services so that you feel confident that you are making the right decision in your order with 973 DELIVERY.

We are happy to have the continued support of our customers and restaurants.

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